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                           "MES QUE UN CLUB"

  • Create players who will be successful in all walks of life;
  • Place the emphasis on the kids....Children have more need for example than criticism;
  • Teach them to love the "Beautiful Game" and inspire them to be the best competitive player they can be;
  • Provide an educational environment that is fun, competitive and always positive;
  • Age appropriate methodology leads to great play;
  • Keep all training engaging and active...instruction is kept concise and brief to allow the player to make decisions;
  • Emphasize an attacking style of play;
  • Be loyal to players and families that are loyal to the Club;
  • Inspire by believing in players we have committed to train and develop;
  • Our 100% volunteer organization is dedicated to providing and keeping competitive soccer affordable; 
  • Be the very best that we can be by demanding excellence from players, coaches and parents;
  • Teach TOTAL FUTBOL. 
FCS Code of Ethics and Conduct


  • Players must be able to assume roles all over the field much like in life.  We teach our players the importance of being a "Total" player, possessing the skill to not only defend or attack but to do both effectively.  In this fluid system, no outfield player is fixed in a nominal role; anyone can be successively an attacker and a defender. 

  • Space and the creation of it are central to the concept of Total Futbol.  Players must be able to create, organize, and utilize the space on the field to stretch and confuse opposition defenses.  Players must also contain and close space to slow and shutdown opposing attacks.

  • Total Futbol provides a foundation for the development of our players not only on the pitch but in life.  Our players learn the importance of working as a team, being unselfish, being organized and most importantly how to be able to handle different roles and tasks.  We believe our Club philosophy is an important part of what makes us a special unit and family. 
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