FC Sporting

The name of this organization shall be FC Sporting (hereinafter referred to as the Club). The Club shall be affiliated with U.S. Club Soccer.

The principal office of the Club shall be located in Antelope, California. The Board of Directors may change the location of the principal office of the Club as the business of the Club may require.

3.1 Purposes: This Club is a volunteer organization created for and committed to promoting competitive youth soccer. The Club’s purposes shall include but not be limited to the provision of services that (i) provide a quality educational experience that will help youth soccer players reach their maximum potential as soccer athletes in an environment that advances the highest standards of conduct and professionalism, (ii) promote affordable opportunities for youth athletes to learn, develop their skills, and play competitive soccer, and (iii) foster the growth of soccer in the community by providing outreach opportunities for players who would not otherwise have the opportunity to play competitive soccer.
3.2 Mission: To be an outstanding educational soccer club that provides youth athletes an opportunity to participate in local competitive soccer. This experience is one in which every athlete:
Is coached using the principles of Positive Coaching,
Has fun playing the game,
Feels like an important part of the team,
Learns “life lessons” that have value beyond the playing field, and
Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the game and improves as a player.
Teach and promote the concept of Total Football,
Promote the idea of more “Touches on the Ball”….meaning smaller sided games emphasized from a young age to maximize engagement in the game and decision making.
The Club promotes soccer excellence through a competitive, safe, enthusiastic soccer environment. The goals of the Club include, but are not limited to, the following goals: To provide opportunities for economically disadvantaged youths to participate in competitive soccer; To provide a positive soccer experience to players, referees, coaches, and fans; To encourage the growth of competitive soccer; and
To use soccer as a mechanism to promote healthy community ties.

The membership of the Club shall be open to the following individuals (hereinafter, the “Members”):
(a) Players and parents of players who are registered with the Club; or
(b) Coaches and managers, who assist the Club in its activities.

The affairs of the Club shall be managed by its Board of Directors, which is the Club’s primary governing body. It shall have, among other powers, the authority to establish rules and regulations for the Club, and to ensure the smooth operation of the Club.
The Board of Directors shall consist of the following:
A. President
B. Vice President
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Registrar

Members of the Board of Directors who hold elective offices shall be elected for one-year terms at the annual meeting by the vote of the majority of the board members present. All board members of the Club who have held membership for at least 180 days and who remain in good standing are eligible to vote.

All Board members, whether elected or appointed, shall have voting rights with each person having one vote. Said voting may not be done by proxy.

In order for the Board of Directors to be properly authorized to act at a meeting, there must be a quorum present and voting, which consists of at least three Club Officers. In
the event any member of the Board misses a total of five meetings per year or three consecutive meetings, said member may be asked by the Officers to resign from the Board.
Vacancies on the Board shall be filled for the balance of the term by a vote of the majority of the remaining Board members.
Rules, regulations and the daily operation of the Club may be passed by the vote of the majority of Directors present at the meeting, or participating in the electronic voting, provided that there is a quorum (at least three of the Club Directors present).
Additions, modifications, or deletions to the Bylaws can only be made with the approval, by vote, of two-thirds of the entire Board of Directors. The Bylaws may only be changed at the Annual Meeting prior to the election of the new Board of Directors.
To impeach or expel any Member of the Club or any member of the Board of Directors, two thirds of the entire Board of Directors must vote in support of said action. Such action shall only be taken after a referral of the matter to the Board of Directors by the Disciplinary Committee defined in Article XIV below.

The Board of Directors shall hold a regular Annual Meeting in June of each Year. Notice may be in person, by mail, or by telephone. In addition, notice of the date, time, place and general purpose of the meeting may be placed on our website at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting. The Club Secretary shall be in charge of placing the announcement.
At the Annual Meeting, election of Officers and the appointment of two members and one alternate to the Disciplinary Committee will be conducted.
All elected and appointed Officers and Directors shall assume their position on July first of the year
following their election at the Annual Meeting.

The Board of Directors should hold a quarterly meeting at a date, time and location to be determined no later than the prior quarter’s meeting. Notice of the date, time and location of the meeting should be disseminated via the Club’s email correspondence list. No further notice of said meetings is required. Voting by electronic means may occur between quarterly meetings, but only on matters discussed at the prior meeting and on which it was unanimously agreed that there would be such a deferred vote.

Special meetings may be called by the President or any two members of the Board of Directors by giving notice of the purpose, time and place of the meeting at least five days prior to the meeting. Notice may be in person, by telephone or by written or electronic notice to each member of the Board of Directors at his/her last known address. Only business specified in the notice may be discussed, and there must be at least three Officers present for any action to be taken at any special meeting.

The Club Registrar shall maintain the Club books, its records and bylaws, and the same shall be available for inspection by any Director, Officer, or Member.

The Officers of the Club shall transact the day-to-day business of the Club. Their functions are as follows:
13.1. The President shall:
A. Preside at all meetings;
B. Appoint all committees that are not required to be elected;
C. Cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie vote at any meeting (this may mean that a president, in effect, votes twice);
D. Serve as an ex-officio on all committees, or designate someone to so serve;
E. With the advice and assistance of the Treasurer, prepare the annual budget for the approval of the Board of Directors;
F. Appoint an Assistant to the Secretary, Treasurer, or Registrar in order to help them carry out their duties, if necessary.
13.2. The Vice-President shall:
A. Succeed to the powers of the President in his/her absence, and as such should be prepared to assist the President in all areas;
B. Represent the President at all official functions when the President is unable to attend;
C. Preside over the meetings in the President's absence, and have all the powers of the President at such meetings.
13.3. The Secretary shall:
A. Attend to the correspondence of the Club;
B. Keep a record of the minutes of the meetings;
C. Distribute minutes to all members of the Board;
D. Keep a record of the attendance of all persons at Club meetings.
E. Be responsible for procuring the Certificate of Insurance for the Club.
13.4. The Treasurer shall:
A. Have charge of all monies of the Club and shall keep a detailed account of the income and expenditures of the Club;
B. Report the financial condition of the Club at each regular meeting, including new income, expenses, and current balance of the Club accounts;
C. Sign, with the approval of the President, all checks of the Club;
D. Record all business and transactions of the Club;
E. Make available, upon request, the books of the Club as required in Article XII, above.
F. The Treasurer's books and procedures (may/shall) be audited or reviewed annually by an auditor selected by the Board of Directors.
13.5. The Registrar shall:
A. Ensure that all players are registered with U.S. Club Soccer;
B. Be responsible for the recording and storage of all pertinent statistics of the registered players;
C. Maintain up to date computer records of the Club membership data and produce, upon request, said data to the President, including total Club and team rosters;
D. Maintain birth certificate files of all players and produce player passes in a timely fashion as needed for participation in out-of-town play.
E. Perform all duties of the treasurer and secretary as described above if those positions are not optionally filled.

The Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to enforce all rules of the game, to settle disputes and to hear protests or appeals regarding Club play.
The Committee is designed to gather all information, hear evidence and, if the Committee finds the issue to be serious, to refer to the Board of Directors issues regarding the discipline of players, coaches, parents and referees, or members of the Board of Directors, relating to any and all activities of the Club. This shall include, but not be limited to, game rule violations, unsportsmanlike behavior by coaches or players, as well as non-competition situations.
The Committee shall consist of three (3) members. The three positions shall be held by the President, Vice President, and the Secretary. An alternate may also be appointed by the Board of Directors.
In order for a person to initiate a matter, they must submit a written complaint to any member of the Disciplinary Committee. The contacted member shall then convene the Committee within thirty days to review the initial complaint. The complainant and respondent shall be notified of the meeting time and place, and may be invited to attend.
The committee may investigate the situation independently of the primary persons to said complaint.
The Committee has the power to dismiss the complaint, to issue a reprimand, or to refer the matter to the Board for more serious sanctions. The Disciplinary Committee's decision to dismiss or to reprimand shall be binding and there shall be no further review.

All members of the Club must adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct Policy as outlined in Attachment A.

Club tryouts shall be conducted in accordance with NorCal Premier League guidelines. Players displaying the highest competitive soccer skill may be selected. Parents of youth players are required to accompany the players so Club representatives can discuss fees and expectations for attendance at practices, travel requirements, and any questions that may arise. Tryouts are coordinated by the Club coaches and announcements may be made in a public forum (newspapers, news flyers, etc.) and be are open to the general public. Club tryouts are considered open tryouts with supervision from the President and Vice President and supported by the Club coaches.
Member players, team qualifications, and registration must conform to the rules and regulations as set down in the Bylaws of the Club. The Club Bylaws define the policies of the Club for all other aspects of Club operation.
Annual registration fees will be required for each player through US Club and FC Sporting.

It is the design and intent of the Club to strive for equality between the girls' and boys' soccer programs.
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