FC Sporting

    U-8 Program and Development    

  • FC Sporting believes creating a love of the game starts from early childhood.  We promote the sport to young athletes through the use of what we like to call "free and open soccer".  We work heavily on beginning foot-skills and create fun exercises for the kids.  Skill specific games are also heavily utilized to keep the kids attention. 
  • Touches on the ball are key.  Very rarely will the kids be without a ball at their feet during this stage.  Individual skill development is stressed and 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios are common.  We generally like to open it up to 3v3 on a small grid and allow the kids to just play, thus maximizing their touches on the ball and allowing them to make decisions from a very early stage.  They love it and it ensures that each child is heavily involved with the ongoing action.  Our philosophy of Total Futbol begins from the time each child steps onto the pitch.

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